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The newest member of our team has lived and skied at Squaw Valley and has worked in and been a part of ski industry her entire life. I remember when she worked for Tower Painters many years ago. She brings a wide knowledge of Operations and will be great help in smoothing out our operations, helping to keep the rest of us on track.


After enjoying the sport of skiing from the age of 4 and moving to the mountains I discovered I needed to work to survive so; I got a job maintaining ski lifts at Squaw Valley. When I left lift maintenance in order to ski more my boss suggested I paint his ski lifts. Soon Heavenly Valley and Yan Lifts picked me up and Tower Painters was born. After 40 years I'm still at it and still ski 4-5 days a week in the off season.


Jeff was part of Tower Painters right from the beginning. His extra care and quality work makes the company successful and brings excellence to our paint jobs. Jeff revamped the way we mask terminals and towers making sharper lines and a beetter finished product. Jeff has also made sure that we use the most modern safety procedures and equipment.


Robbie has been painting things most all of his life and loves his life, his kids, and his winter sports. He came to Tower Painters because he really wanted to paint ski lift towers and is quite at home up on top of the tallest tower you can get him to. Robbie's knowledge of paint and painting has brought Tower Painters into the modern age.