How Tower Painters Works and the Services We Offer

Tower Painters Preparation Philosophy

Tower Painters has learned a lot over the years and we approach ski lift paint jobs with that knowledge. We look at the lift, figure out what we need to do to prepare the steel for new paint. We remove stickers and vinyl letters and even chewing gum. We clean greasy spots; ie: under the gear box on the bull wheel and around the assemblies. We use high speed grinders with wire wheels to remove rust, scale, and blistering paint. We smooth and feather the tip spots where your clients love to bang on the tower with their skis and poles.

Tower Painters Painting Philosopgy

We mask the heck out of anything that we want to keep paint off of: Windows. Wood Lift Shacks. Signs that we can't remove. (We remove signs in hope that you will get shiny new signs) Hydraulic rams. Brake parts; especially brake flanges. Loading and unloading ramps. Cement foundations. Electrical boxes. Tower bases and cement foundations. Tower ladder safety cables. Com lines. Galvanized surfaces. Finally we paint, we spray most everything rather than brush or roll because that give the best finish.

Multi Color Projects

  • We paint the first color mask that and then paint the second color. Masking to make sure the lines are clear and clean.
  • We use the best paint we can get given regulations in any geographical area.
  • If you have been told 'that can't be painted', give us a call, we usually can paint that.

Tightening your bolts

Tower Painters Tightening bolts

Tram towers and some ski lift towers need the bolts tightened periodically. We have a crew of ski bums who love hanging 300 feet in the air putting 890 foot pounds of torque on a six foot torque wrench. Outside of ski season of course.